The Cranberries – Dreamsi was at Chipotle today by ASU and I saw…

The Cranberries – Dreams

i was at Chipotle today by ASU and I saw this girl I made out with a year or so ago, she looked really cute and i thought about how fucked up I was emotionally when we made out and i had to stop talking to her, but when I saw her again like The Cranberries – Dreams went off in my head,

so I went up to her waiting in line and i was like “When I saw you, this 90s song by the cranberries went off in my head… that song dreams, you know that song?” and she started laughing and was like “90s, you’re dumb. What are you even doing here, you don’t go to ASU.” and I was like  “I’m gonna watch the new Blade Runner movie. You should go with me, we’ll catch up or whatever” and she was like “Oh my god shut the fuck up 90s, I just want to get a burrito bowl.”

The End