i’m sick of Taco Bell introducing these dope fuckin items then discontinuing them.. ok first they had Mt Dew Lemonade Freezes, which were fuckin dope, then they took em away.. then they had motherfuckin Taco bell Nacho Fries which were fuckin dope, and those are gone now too… like why do they do this fuckin shit, fam? 

Lol your taco bell must suck ass cause we still got nacho fries

you aint got shit, fam. you’re just making shit up for the clout

My university is very close to Taco Bell HQ in Irvine, CA so our business department does a lot of studies with them. We once had a Q&A with an Exec and they told us that they take away and reintroduce specialty items to test the market. If it does well continuously after a few years of putting on on and off the menu then they keep it for good. Don’t loose hope. Remember that the cheesy gordita crunch was once a specialty menu item.

hell yeah, fam

Eat vegetables and fruits in your teens and tweens and your body will reward you for the rest of your life.

Also, you won’t die of cancer of the butthole.

hell nah, fam. eat taco bell 24/7 

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