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please support this single by putting it in your spotify playlists and playing the song on repeat.

heres the song:

it should be available everywhere 12 AM EST on 11/29/19. If not available in your country yet. place it in a playlist and click the heart to save it for later! thanks 🙂

here are the lyrics to the chorus (ft. helga g. pataki)

cant u see that i am vibin by myself?


catch a vibe i wanna vibe with noone else but u


will u take part in everything that i do


idk i guess i wna be with u


90scartoons Fans Favorite Songs, a playlist by notgladwell on Spotify:

hey guys!

i made a spotify playlist so that we can share some of our favorite songs with each other. it doesnt have to be a song from a 90s cartoon im just genuinely interested in what yall are listening to. 

the playlist is collaborative so feel free to follow the playlist and add any songs youd like


wtf you saying dude?

i dont even know why i am fucking playing you

im a kangaroo

dont know what youre saying but this songs a banger dude

rockos a wallaby but whatever lol



don’t sleep on this ep. its a bop. check it out 🙂


credit: @pop-crash for the gif. yeehaw.

i was featured on this track w/ tobi lou. it would mean a lot if u checked it out and put it on repeat <3